New member but frequent visitor. Just wanted to introduce myself and a little background. I am 33 and have struggled with my weight all my life minus my 4 years in the Marines. Since I got out about 10 years ago I have been struggling with my weight again. I went from about 190-270lbs between 2003-2011. I felt horrible about the way I looked especially when I would talk about my military time and I would get the look up and down with the "yeah right" look up and down. Always made me feel bad. Ok, enough depressing stuff.
In 2011 on my 30th birthday I decided I needed to do something about myself and become active again. I read about low carb diets and started to follow a keto diet. With the keto diet and doing about 20 minutes of HIIT training 4 times a week I dropped 30+ lbs and went from a size 40+ to a size 36-38 in about 3 months. For the past year I have been strength training and have had great results but still have a lot of fat. In the past 7 months have gained weight back and am about 250lbs now at 6' tall and my size 36 pants are getting snug. My diet has gone to crap since my wife and I are expecting our first baby, sympathy eating I guess haha. My 3 days of strength training a week have now turned to 1, 2 or none due to several projects to finish before the baby gets here. I am going to transition to a paleo lifestyle and see if I can get that 10 lbs back off and go even further and see some results again.