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Thread: Grok Star Journey

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    Grok Star Journey

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    Okay I'm starting this journey at 195ish and the idea is to get to a weight of 165.

    today's macros:
    (Protein, Carbs, FAt) 66/40/150
    total calories 1334
    percentages: 14% Protein, 11% carbs, 74% Fat
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    Good luck Nova, I was 188 about 3 months ago, with goal of also getting to 165, the Mark way. I.e. Maintaining/increasing muscle mass, while sheding body fat. Its working excellently im about 175 now, working out 3 times per week. I dont calorie count, and i suggest you dont either. Follow Marks nutrition instructions, carb, fat and protien intake.


    Carbs < 50 grams per day. (Its easy once you find the balance)
    1g of Protein for 1lb of lean body mass. For u probably same as me, 80-100g. (Lots of meat and eggs)
    Fat: Avocado, Nuts, etc.... plenty.
    No Sugar, No salt.
    Work out twice per week, once you get momentum, up it to 3 days.

    Bon Voyage!

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    Well I'm not sure yet but it seems I'm down to 191. Will take official weight in a bit. having my yum, black organic coffee now.

    Thanks for your reply. I carry a ton of muscle. My Lean Body Mass is 140-150. But I'm still going to keep protein down a bit - I've had it up and I'm not feeling good on it so I dropped it and I feel so much better.
    I'm following Kwniewski/Harris/Gedgaudes suggestion to keep protein at 1 lb for 1 kg LBM (Also Wes and Kevin recommend this too) however I doubt Mark will disagree -- for me that's about 70-80g protein. Fat will be 150g and carbs will be 30-40g.

    The reason for this is that I've been gaining weight (fat) rapidly. Although I went primal, the weight didn't come off until the protein and veggies went down. I had some other symptoms too. I went to a Holistic MED/MD and had extensive blood work.
    Protein is very high, body is acidic, Hormones are out out balance. I went primal and many of the symptoms get better - I'm doing a lot of things to attack the problems from all fronts. Primal is one: but I'm combining a number of therapies. So everything is better but this is a journey. And it will be a successful one - because this journal will keep me accountable.

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    190.4 this morning. I have a striation or two in the delts. Rest of me is bulky.

    I'm sleep deprived. Last night was my third night no sleep. That rots for hormones. I may be extra hungry if leptin is off today as a result. I'm warning myself to listen to signals carefully. Although hunger is not an issue with fat grams so high - so I can manage this.

    I had 4 months of insomna (straight days for four months) this past winter. I'm better now - I get one night sleep every four days. Hopefully that means tonight.

    I'll look for that insomnia to improve greatly as hormones line up.

    The lack of sleep did prompt me to have extra organic coffee. After my first black cup, my second had two tbsp coconut milk. Well I'm a believer! wow!

    sardines with added fish oil
    5 oz avocado
    2 tbsp coconut milk

    breakfast of champions
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    Hey Nova,

    Sorry about the sleep. I havent had a particularly bad nights sleep in a while to be honest. I used to get them a lot and many sleepless nights too and use alcohol to help, but that was a waste of money that could be spent on better things. These days i find that if i am tired, i will sleep. Not always the case, would be up until 1am-2am unable to sleep, so i find that if i do exhausting excercise twice a week (i do a boxing/pump class twice per week) and weight lifting twice a week I sleep like a baby (a good one i mean, one that sleeps a lot (and doesnt cry!!)). My recommendation is tire yourself out by exhausting yourself. Best to try this with the upand coming weekend. Try run 10Km. Use to measure it before you do. I'd love to know how you get on. Looks like ur breakfast is indeed one of champions... as is mine!

    2 soft boiled eggs
    60g of (premium) mixed nuts + 12 blueberries + small pack of raisins covered in 100% natural yohghurt (until the rest of the stuff dissappears)
    Cup of instant coffee with dash of milk
    1000mg of fish oil (1 of 3 per day)
    Multi vitamin

    Yum, im still hungry by noon tho!

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    Very awesome breakfast SRMnM
    I had another good one this morning:
    small amount (like 3 oz) grass fed beef - ground and sauteed with mushrooms and spinach: this was left over
    bag of baby arugula
    1 tbsp flax oil - all mixed in.

    So I did an awesome thing this morning. I brought my scale to the attic where it's very inconvenient. Today was the first day without weighing myself. I will weigh once/month. So we'll see what I am on July 1.
    When I weigh myself , all day I look in the mirror and see a number. Amazing how every time I look in the mirror - I notice stuff like big brown eyes and healthy thick hair - glowing skin. The scale just messes with my head. I feel I can grab some compulsive snack (nothing non primal, I just might not NEED it) because I hAVE a voice that says...don't worry we'll be able to see how much damage this does on the scale tommorrow. Like that gives me an excuse to eat extra. When the scale goes up, I eat extra again - out of depression. ANd when the scale goes down, I eat extra because I feel like I've lost weight so I can get away with a bit more. How F*cked up is that! Today none of that is happening and I hope this is not a fluke - and it continues.

    have a great day everyone. Gonna go have lunch then go train.

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    had the same thing for lunch as I did for breakfast it was so damn good.

    I'm enjoying my food like never before.

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    Hey SrMnM - what name do you go by?
    I just noticed you are 6 foot! what makes youthink you only have 80-100 lbs of Lean Body Mass? I would say you have much more than that. I'm 5'9" and have a ton of lean body mass. probalby 140 lbs at least.

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    waking up low - that will not continue. I'm going to take on this day.

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    Hey! Thats a good point. I worked it out in Kg and never thought about it!! Hahah! Thanks so much for pointing that out! its 80-100KG not lbs. Oh well. Best get some more protien. (170g per day).
    How goes your primal-ness?

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