I am not wanting to upset anyone by this post but I am considering going lacto-ovo Pescatarian. While Primal is relatively new to me, I have been low carb, gluten-free and health conscious for a very long time. I do not think meat is bad or wrong and I do think its good for a lot of people, maybe just not good for me right now for where I am in my life.

My reasons for considering Pescatarianism are as follows:

1) I am wanting to get to higher level of spiritual development. Many people believe that eating meat stunts your spiritual development and since I have tried raw food, vegetarianism and veganism many times with disastrous results, I thought I would try this. I have heard of this working for a lot of people and know some people who are doing this with good results.

2) My finance is a pescatarian so it would be easier and better for my relationship. It would be easy for me to do it as I don't eat that much meat now.

3) I am a little scared by all the through the roof cholesterol readings that people have been posting. I have read all the reasons as to why this is fine but I still feel very nervous about it.

4) I feel AMAZING when I eat wild salmon and it is an unbelievable superfood for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel good when I eat a grass-fed burger, but I feel AMAZING when I eat wild salmon, particularly if it is paired with sauteed greens. When I eat too much meat, I do feel heavy and weighed down and generally feel better on lighter proteins like fish.

What I am looking for is advice from people who are actually doing this. Maybe meal ideas, recipe ideas, tips to not get bored, ways to save money, results you have gotten from doing this, whether or not it had any impact on your spiritual development, etc.

What I am NOT looking for is reasons why I shouldn’t do this or reasons why meat is good/pescatarian is bad,etc. I am well aware of the pros/cons. I totally get that a lot of people will not think this is a good idea and will not understand my reasons and that is okay. If you want to bash pescatariansim and praise meat, you can do that but please start a different thread for this. I am just not wanting this to turn into a debate or to feel attacked when I am just wanting help and advice. Thanks.

I may continue to eat meat a couple of times a month because I do get that there are nutrients in it that are needed. I plan on eating eggs (will probably switch from organic to pastured), butter, raw homemade goat yogurt, and goat cheese as well as low mercury wild fish and wild seafood. I am just doing this as an experiment for a couple of months and if it doesn’t work out, I will totally go back to eating meat. I heard that Mark’s wife is a pescetarian and if anyone knows anything about what she eats or how she does this, I would love to know as she looks great and must be doing something right.

Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Again, sorry if I upset anyone.