I will keep it as as short as possible. Ex carb head triathlete struggling with weight and motivation for the past 5 years. I want to be fit for life, maybe do the odd fun run, bike race or triathlon if I feel like it- not because I have to. Anyway. Have joined a gym to lift heavy things which is going very very well. Low intensity running and walking. No sprinting yet. A mate wants me to enter a 10k running race with him in 20 days and I am reluctant because it is going back to how things used to be. That is: training out of obligation, not fun and enjoyment.
20 days is also a short period of time to get ready also. Oh, add to this the fact that he will likely run it in around 45min where I will be lucky to break 55mins!

Any advice? Whilst I am here. Has anyone successfully trained for a running race following the primal exercise pattern with odd long run thrown in?