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Thread: Woman wears corset continually for THREE YEARS. Attains 16" waist...

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    Woman wears corset continually for THREE YEARS. Attains 16" waist...

    Jesus H. Christ.

    German woman flaunts barely there 16-inch waist achieved by wearing a corset nonstop* - NY Daily News


    After three years of spending virtually every moment in a corset (she wore it even while sleeping!), Kobke's back and stomach muscles are so weak that she has trouble standing up if she's not wearing one. She walks gingerly, as if her balance is off, and when she removes her corset, it leaves deep grooves and welts on her skin. In her YouTube videos, she has to pause and struggle to take deep breaths while talking to the camera. "My life hasn't changed, just slowed down a little," she said.

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