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    What a Difference after FOUR DAYS!!!!

    Primal Fuel
    Last week I was feeling super-depressed to the point of suicidal ideation which was a result of the anti-depressant I was on.

    I was referred to an alternative Dr. who suggested the 'caveman' way of eating ... I found your website.

    Actually 4 days later ... I can't believe it ... I have weaned myself 75 mg from Effexor ... eating eats ... chicken ... salmon ... vegies ... experimenting with fruit smoothies which have been so delicious ... see them in recipes.

    I can already feel the 'bloat' gone ... my head has more room in it (was feeling like it was in a vice on this medication) ... pressure behind eyes gone ... eyes brighter ... energy rising daily ... ready to get back into exercise! Wahoo!!!!

    This is truly a miracle ... I just wanted to curl up and die last week!!!

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    Welcome and I am glad you have found something that works so well for you! Hope you stay around and tell us more.
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