I'm just not getting it.

I work out at the gym, hard. Five times a week.

Mentally - I can go with NO carbs. I can literally not eat carbs AT ALL because I enjoy meat and salads so much, and have my few restaurants that serve carbless dishes that I love.

But when I don't eat any carbs - I get EXHAUSTED and depressed. So I need to force myself to eat carbs.

I'm THIN, if you'd see me you wouldn't understand why I'm even bothering with this thread, but I'm trying FOR ONCE in my life to get a sixpack. I'm 34, it's now or never.

So what exactly am I don't wrong that it doesn't seem like I'm losing enough fat? I lost a ton, but now I'm stuck somehow.

I'm 5.8, about 154 pounds. What's the carbs / protein / fat ratio I should have, considering that I'm working hard at the gym with weights? I don't do cardio, only lifting.