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Thread: post-workout energy question

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    post-workout energy question

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    Scenario - just done gym, depleted liver and muscle glycogen, eat meal of protein fat and starch, does that starch go towards replenishing muscle and liver glycogen or does the body use it for fuel first?

    Throughout day does body use glycogen reserves first before fat or does it only tap into the glycogen reserves during exercises that require fast ATP ie gym?

    edit - what I mean is as primals we want to use fat as an energy source in normal activities but at gym use liver and muscle glycogen yes... How do we know if the source of glucose we consume after gym goes toward replenishing muscle glycogen for another gym day or does it just immediately get used for energy so the next gym day we're working out with empty muscle glycogen...
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    Personally I wouldn't bother with my post shake/ meal with Fat in.

    I would just have protein & high GI carb,
    then later on say lunch have no carb , protein & fat then dinner protein & main carb . But only If your working out tomorrow
    That's the carb back loading protocol

    From London England UK

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