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Thread: Adding in more Carbs "4 DA GAINZ" / building muscle

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    Adding in more Carbs "4 DA GAINZ" / building muscle

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    I've been reading a bit more on weightlifting nutrition and I seem to see a lot about eating more carbs on lifting days, in order to increase insulin (which is the opposite of what I usually would do, before I ever started lifting...usually I would always try and stay under 100 grams.)

    How many is it a good idea to add back in and what are the best sources? I've noticed that it's actually difficult to get into very high carb amounts if you avoid bread, pasta, beans, sugar, or anything in a box.

    I mostly go for brown rice, potatoes (home fries), sweet potatoes, and fruit. I've starting drinking raw milk again, and eating bananas.

    I still have bodyfat to lose so I don't want to go overboard, but I also want to make strength progress (I'm doing Starting Strength).

    Some people seem to suggest cycling them, i.e. I guess go for 50 to 100 grams on rest days, and then 100 to 200 grams on lifting days?

    I'm aiming for 1 gram x estimated LBM for protein intake.

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    For me: White rice (very occasional) White potatoes, Plantains (usually sweet ones), wild rice or Yuca.

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    Eating carbs is not necessarily only about insulin (remember that protein spikes insulin as well).

    Carbs are more for increasing recovery capacity (glycogen resynthesis). Also, if you're trying to lose body fat, carbs can be protein sparing while in a caloric deficit.

    So basically, the carbs are used to fuel intense training. Don't skimp on them because you think carbs = fat gain, because this is not true.
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