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Thread: My First Sprints

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    Just talked a co-worker into doing sprints with me during our lunch break. Excited about Takata (or whatever they're called) sprints. Good, quick way to get into shape and really get things moving. Nice job on the sprinting and the good thing with those dogs is they tire out easily due to their size.
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    I grok, therefore I am.

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    I've been primal for 2.5 months & I had my first sprint today on a stationary bike. I couldn't believe the difference. Wow, what a workout. (of course, not as fun as being outdoors and running with a dog.)

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    I went to my school's track right after school ended. we had the biggest storm in a while, even knocked out some power.

    I was gonna just grok it out, but i was wearing jeans and a polo, which i was ready to run in, but that damn rain was something else. you should have seen it.
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    great idea to sprint with a dog, could be a good motivation since dogs are great runners, well.. unfortunately not all of them, I have a bulldog that sleeps all day, I even forget when the last time I saw him running, he's so lazy he never even barks unless he's hungry, guess I'll have to look for a neighbor who has a great dane

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    oh that sounds so cool! Sounds like you had a blast. I can't wait to start building my fitness, I haven't really run in ages.

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