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Thread: Primal with MOAR Peat: Food & Hormone Discussion (Ray Peat Followers)

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    Talking Primal with MOAR Peat: Food & Hormone Discussion (Ray Peat Followers)

    This thread is for Primal (and non-Primal) followers who incorporate a more Ray Peat-style of eating in their Primal or non-Primal protocol. Most of us know that Ray Peat's food suggestions mostly fall under the recommendations of The Primal Blueprint, with distinctive differences in carbohydrate amounts and quantities of other types of foods, e.g., dairy and gelatin. They both recommend avoiding gluten, high-PUFA seed and vegetable oils, and other toxins. The similarities are many, enough that Peat could be considered a higher-carb Primal diet.

    This thread is NOT a controversial or argumentative thread. Please refrain from making it one. This is a place for followers to share ideas about food and other health-related issues in relation to Primal and Peat, and to answer questions for those who are curious or are having problems. This is also not a thread to bash Primal! I think Peat and Primal are close enough to be considered virtually one in the same if you disregard macronutrient boundaries and customize them to your individual needs.

    I eat a combination of Primal, Perfect Health Diet, and Peat. Too high in fruits + carbs to be just Primal (Peat) and too high in starches to be totally Peat (PHD). I'm currently trying to minimize dairy (not Peat). I eat macadamia nuts and salmon sometimes (not Peat). We all have personal needs and goals and these can change often, but we can all agree to minimize industrial PUFA oils and other toxic artificial sources of poor-quality energy.

    How do you Peat? What is your diet like? Do you have hormonal issues? How has Peat helped you? Did you try Peat and it didn't work? Please share your experiences, and most importantly, YOUR FOOD! Post pictures and daily menus!

    ** Civil conversations, please **

    Visit the What Did You Peat Today? thread for more Peatly food ideas.
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