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    How to Reset Your Internal Clock.

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    Amen. When I lived in Africa I didn't have electricity or running water. As soon as it got dark I was finishing up dinner and headed to bed. I stayed up a little to read but that just used up my batteries or candles so I didn't do it that much. You really get used to moving with the sun and coming back to America was a shocker for my body. I think my quality of sleep is better here purely because I eat more fat (if I don't get enough my sleep suffers) but I really miss movin with the sun.

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    You can imitate that lifestile at home... limit artificial light after sunset and use screens or sunglasses that has a filter which blocks out blue light.
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    I've had a lot of success switching from electric lighting to candles and oil lamps. Sun goes down, those light up. My computers both use f.lux and are dimmed as far as they can be during this time. After months of this, if I'm stuck somewhere with electric lights, I actually start to feel really edgy and cranky/nervous.

    It's worked pretty well at clearing up my insomnia (going to bed ~2-4 hours earlier, and waking up at 9:30 instead of in the afternoon).

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