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Thread: Excited to Be Here!

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    Excited to Be Here!

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    Hi ... last week I hit a all-time low experiencing suicidal thoughts ... somehow I intuitively knew it was the medication increase responsible ... Effexor ... great ... take it for depression and now you just want to kill yourself ... I found an awesome alternative Dr. who is going to wean me off from the drug ... and insisted I follow
    Ice Age food plan ... including RAW FISH!!!! OGM!!!! Can I do this?

    This what brought me here ... it's almost counter-culture to everything I been trying to do ... ie: less meat ... especially red ... but I have an open mind ... and already feel better ... the other thing he insisted was
    runny yolks ... reason?

    Thanks for any feedback - insight ... be4joy

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    WElcome be4joy. Yes, we all certainly feel counter-culture, and then get angry about the bad-food culture that's in style when we find how well this works and how good we feel.

    The first time I started to cut a pat of butter from the pound I'd bought, I had to stop and think about what I was doing. After so many years of low-fats, no animal fats, low-cal, etc., it was difficult to make myself do it. Aha, but I did. And have loved PB ever since.
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    Is the whole diet raw? Per Mark, hard to survive on all raw food. We have been cooking for a couple hundred thousand years.
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