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Thread: .... snack allergy!?

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    .... snack allergy!?

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    Is it possible to become allergic to a snack food?

    Before primal I used to consume outrageous amounts of Andy Kapp's Hot Fries, at the very least I used to eat a bag a week, very moderate estimate I was in love with them. Obviously once going primal I stopped eating them or even thinking about them as my whole attitude towards food changed. Last night though I was at a gas station filling up and when I went inside to pay I saw them and though ... hmm.. a quick bag for old time's sake couldn't hurt! I got home and settled in to watch the UFC event streaming on my laptop and proceeded to munch on. Halfway through the bag I realized my sinuses were closing and breathing was becoming slightly difficult. It was humid and my allergies had not flared up that day, I had taken Zyrtec D the night before as per usual. I finished the bag and realized that indeed, I couldn't breath out of my nose! I couldn't make sense of it so I blamed the snack, took a Zyrtec D pill and about an hour later I was back to normal.

    Can anybody explain the science behind that, or could I have gotten an allergic reaction to something else? my room is very close to our backyard so I usually blame that but I didn't have any allergies to deal with yesterday or the past few days. It would be interesting if indeed I had an allergic response to them, not like I plan on eating them again anytime soon but just wondering...

    PS: I hope everybody's doing well and enjoying MDW. I'm working through it.

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    You were probaly allergic all along, but now that you haven't been exposed to it for a while (or the particular ingredient that triggered it), you had a noticable reaction.

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