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Thread: SI Joint and Sciatica - Update after new treatment.........

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    SI Joint and Sciatica - Update after new treatment.........

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    Hey there,

    So, I went to see a new therapist for my 25 yr old sciatic pain, and my very young (5 month) old SI joint pain - both of which are on the right side...

    I was really pleasantly surprised by his approach to look at all of me, all of the muscles, take a proper history and explain things to me so I could understand them.

    I'm a born skeptic unfortunately, but I've got a real feeling of hope now that together at least we can work towards getting my muscles working properly (to both engage and disengage), and then in the right places and for the right movements......

    He said there was no point trying to build a core (in my case) at the moment as I can't engage it, as other muscles are too superior in my body. Basically we have to breakdown my old habits and muscle memories, and then build back the correct ones. It makes sense to me anyway.

    Thought I'd update the forum - I was getting really upset at no progress with my core - a lifelong issue to be honest, but now I know why it won't happen for me. It also makes me realise why I've always been really super strong at somethings, but totally weedy at other things.

    Going back for weekly sessions with him - have alot of work to do at home which I'm doing too!

    Feeling hopeful at last.....
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    For me : No processed food + walking = No sciatic pain

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