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Thread: Protein Shakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by EatMoveSleep View Post
    Better to eat them

    Alot of commercial almond milks used veg oil in them - not good.
    I just checked, Almond Breeze has sunflower lecithin. That's an emulsifier and the last ingredient, though, so I'm not going to sweat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    Split the water with coconut milk. More of the former than the latter, since it can be quite thick.

    Almond milk's ok, used to drink tonnes, but it's carby. You could also try cream.

    I do the raw egg bit for my shakes, works real well.

    So we're literally talking about tossing a raw egg into the protein shaker with some water and the powder?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jac View Post
    I don't know what 'Arnold-style' means! But I have a rice and pea protein powder that was horribly grainy to swallow, and thin because of the water. Then I read Mark's post about egg coffee where he says that egg is the perfect emulsifier, and *bingo* it worked for my shake! (I have a prescribed one for gut issues, so can't choose the yummy ones, sadly).
    Arnold Schwarzenegger was infamous for downing raw eggs before and after working out, or so I've heard.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll absolutely give them a try!

    If I'm honest I'm most interested in the egg substitute, but I'll try them all and get back to everyone with the results.
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    Hi Andrew

    Just saw your "intention". . Was it effective?

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