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Thread: What do I need to know about allergy testing?

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    What do I need to know about allergy testing?

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    So last night I had a huge allergic reaction to something I ate, which resulted in a hospital trip to give me an Epipen, Benadryl, Gravol, and Prednisone. Sheesh.

    So now the doc wants to refer me to an allergist in the city.

    How will they test for allergies? Skin pricks along my arm? Is this method effective? Can I request certain foods (coffee etc) that wouldnot be on a standard tes? Is there a better way to test for sensitivities and not true allergies?
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    Can't say with regard to food allergies. My allergist asked me a ton of questions about food and the only reaction I ever had to a food was pistachio nuts so he told me not to eat them. Nothing like what you experienced. But I had the skin prick for about 50 things on my back. I'm allergic to about every tree and grass in my area. So I've been getting shots for about a thousand years. Started with 3 shots of stuff, down to 2, once a month. But it really seems to have helped. I experience basically no allergy season anymore when everyone around me is suffering. YMMV... Sorry if I was too off topic.
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    you had a real anaphylaxis from the sound of your treatment so you really need to find out what caused it, take a list of everything you ate, (plus drank, wore ie perfume, cosmetics or chemicals you came into contact with unless you are 100% sure it was food).
    usually skin testing is first, challenge tests sometimes,and sometimes blood test (RAST)
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