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Thread: How do you resist temptation?

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    How do you resist temptation?

    So I came home from a stressful day of work and realized there wasn’t much in the refrigerator, too tired to head to the co-op where I usually shop. Start mindlessly crunching on some gluten free sesame crackers, polish off ¼ of a watermelon, and the carbs are already triggering a binge response so I think about ordering a gluten free pizza (gluten free so it won’t be a problem, right? right?) and maybe getting some ice cream because I HAD A REALLY BAD DAY AND I DESERVE SOME FLEETING PLEASURE IN LIFE DAMMIT. Then I stop and think about whether the momentary gratification will be worth the weekend of carb-and-dairy bingeing that will inevitably ensue, so I pull myself together, make a 3-egg omelet with butter, steamed frozen broccoli with olive oil and miso, and a cup of raspberry leaf herbal tea. Ten minutes after eating I feel balanced, relaxed, and capable of unwinding slightly. Read a book, did some school work, planning to do some yoga in a few minutes. I feel like I averted a minor disaster since I was headed for a full one stress-induced bingeing episode followed by a whole lot of guilt and inertia…it usually takes me days if not weeks to recover from these, esp. if wheat or lots of dairy is involved. Has anyone else caught themselves on the brink of a binge and realized how much better life is when you stick to primal eating? What do you think stopped you then versus other times you did cave in to the craving? I honestly don’t know what it was today that made me say no, my overall wellbeing is worth morethan the brief hedonistic bliss of pizza and ice cream (not that everyone would be so thrown by these foods, but I’m unfortunately incapable of enjoying them in moderation since any deviation from PB makes me feel so ill). Any strategies that work especially well for you?
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