Here are some online tools that help me in my paleo lifestyle that i thought i may share!

For quick calorie and nutrient information:

Simply go to and start typing in your ingredients! For example one of my favourite salad recipes:

1 cucumber + 2 hard boiled eggs + 10 olives + 1Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar + 2 Tbsp oliveoil + 1Tbsp feta cheese

Not only that but you can also do clever things like find out “Which foods have the most Vitamin C?”

The Marks Daily Apple Searcher

I often find myself discovering a new concept or latest trend in health and think, what does master Grok Mark Sisson think on the matter? The website is such a behemoth of information that nearly every topic in regards to health has been featured on it. So my favourite Google search term these days is: searchterm

For example, I was interested in cortisol so in my trusty Google engine I typed: cortisol

It also works for the forums aswell and I find it better than the forums built in searcher. I was looking for a good bacon-mayo recipe

So I typed into Google: bacon mayo

So finally to save you all the time and for convenience, i have created a custom search engine which searches an array of Paleo/Primal resources. Use it to learn new concepts, find recipes whatever you want!