Just had to vent my anger and I don't know of any other place in which to do it. So here it is.

A friend of mine from high school that was my Thespians VP when I was president my senior year, who occasionally went to youth group with me and was involved in stage managing a few productions in high school lost his 3 year old little girl last night to a brief and ferocious battle with E. Coli.

It just makes me so angry - knowing how CAFO systems encourage resistant e. coli to breed. Knowing how our own good gut flora can help to battle pathogenic bacteria. Knowing how properly raised foods are less likely to harbor this bacteria. Knowing this little girl would still be around this morning and her parents playing with her and her little brother instead of in mourning if there were just more REAL food.

I never met my friend's wife in person (though she is a facebook friend) and I never got to meet his children either. But I'm still so heartbroken and angry at a completely preventable death. I don't blame her parents - who only ever had her best interests at heart and wouldn't feed her anything they didn't feel appropriate - these are not fast food addicts, they make home cooked meals and follow the guidelines of our FDA and Dept. of Ag. . . . . they are victims of our broken food system.

It makes me more dedicated than ever to be an activist and spokesperson for real food! (As if my own healing weren't enough)

Thanks for letting me vent . . .

(If you're the praying kind - please lift up this family in your prayers, they recently moved and don't have the support system of a church family yet and there own families are thousands of miles away)