Awright, I've been focusing on bumping my deadlift weight up the last couple of months, and recently switched over to a hook grip to take strain off my biceps tendons (I used to use alternate grip, switching hands each heavy rep). Yesterday I pulled 355 several times, and my body felt fine, but I had to get the bar back down in a hurry the last two times I pulled it or I would've dropped the bar.

I forgot to bring chalk to the gym, so I'll do that next deadlift day.

Here's what I think is the main issue: I gots some stumpy fingers. Big meaty palms, but short fingers for my size. This makes playing the guitar a PITA, by the way. When I hook grip the bar only my index and middle fingers make contact with my thumbs, and just barely. I squeeze the hell out of my hand, but it's still hard to hang onto the bar with an overhand hook grip.

I have great grip strength in general (former gymnast, was also a teenage boy once), but...

Chalk will help, but I really don't want to bust out the lifting straps or switch back to an alternating grip. Although I feel like I could pull 405 tomorrow if I strapped into the bar.

Just keep pulling and hope it gets better? Finger-lengthening surgery?