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    Omazeprole and best way to eat primal while on it

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    So, long story short, over the weekend I was very, very, very very stupid in my eating and ended up in the ER with a gallstone. Part of why I love primal is it keeps that at bay for me. I've never had to go to the hospital with an attack before now. (I'm rarely as stupid as I was over the weekend)

    The good news is all of my numbers were fine so I shouldn't need surgery or anything major.

    The bad news is that I had been throwing up so much that the doctor prescribed a ten day course of omeprazole . He said it would help my stomach heal.
    At first I wasn't going to get the prescription filled after reading the laundry list of dire warnings and possible side effects. Unfortunately my stomach felt so rotten yesterday after I tried to eat that I thought maybe it might be a good idea. So I'm two pills into this thing. My understanding is that short term shouldn't cause too many issues?

    So, what -primally- are the best food options when you are dealing with something that is lowering your stomach acid production? I assume that there are some things I should avoid as they would be too hard to digest without the proper amount of acid?
    As I want to stay primal, I certainly don't want to have to live off of crackers and rice for the next 10 days. The suggested diet with the pills is lots of whole grains, oatmeal, and lentils. Yay. (Personally I feel like eating nothing, but apparently that can make things worse.)
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