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Im not saying that you wont love your child if these things dont happen. There is a series of positve cascades that happen during birth and the first half hour of life for both the mother and child. These things are documented and if vaginal birth and contact/breast feeding doesnt happen immediately after, bith mother and child miss out on a lot, hormonally and physiologically.
This is true, and why vaginal birth and breastfeeding is so important. Pregnancy books these days present c-section and formula feeding as a choice equal to vaginal birth and breastfeeding. This is misleading. A person would have to really dig deeper for their research, and many people trust doctors' advice. Doctors (at least where I delivered) get paid more for c-sections and for pushing formula.

I was never breastfed, and my family believed I was depriving my kid by not at least supplementing with formula. The advertising for formula is such that most people believe formula to be essential, more so than breastmilk.

It's nice to see that men actually care.