I had an appointment with my doctor this morning to go over my recent blood work. We sit down and she starts right away with "Your Cholesterol is high and your LDL is very high". She asked me what I eat and I told her, and im quite sure she vomited in her mouth a little bit. She preceded to tell me that LDL is the largest precursor to heart disease and I said i don't believe that. She looked dumb founded as if I insulted her? I then said my HDL is high (81) and my Trigs are low (49). She told me she doesn't believe Trigs should be involved in the evaluation of cardiovascular health. I mentioned that according to my VAP test my cholesterol was mostly Large Boyuant and she basically didn't care. She then asked me if I am aware that red meat is known to cause cancer? I couldn't believe my ears I had already told her I only eat pastured and 100% grass fed animal products and I didn't eat factory farm animal meats. The icing on the cake so to speak was when she asked me how I felt that I was increasing my carbon foot print by eating animal products and if I was ok with poisining the earth. I thought about it for a minute and I said, "yep". She got very irritated I just enjoying our discussion at that point ha. I told her I want optimum health for myself and she said what I was doing was not optimal and that vegetarianism/ veganisim was the optimum diet for me. I am changing my doctor.