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    Nooooo in vitro meat!

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    I'm sure there a mix of intentions in doing this. Some want to feed the world. Some want to make millions. Some want to do it, just to see if they can... But to me, it seems obvious that no good (health) can come of it.
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    It's ironic that now we're being told to avoid processed meat, we've got the most processed meat of all coming.

    I'm really not keen on the idea.
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    Margaret Atwood saw this coming in Oryx and Crake.
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    "Professor Post said that it is possible to add fatty tissue to the fibres to make them more palatable, as well as other nutrients to make the synthetic meat as nutritious as real meat..."

    Yikes. I'm curious exactly how nutritious this fake meat is going to be.

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    As uncomfortable as it makes y'all, this is likely inevitable and important. There is not even remotely enough food to feed the world the quality of food that we eat... And, science for science's sake is a good thing - it'll take much much more research and refinement for me to want to eat any of it, but personally, I'm looking forward to replicators.

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    I for one look forward to my 3D printed steak when I'm circling Jupiter in a space station.

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    Not sure why people are so cynical about new technologies. When people were breeding plants to be more economical, they would have produced breeds that were untasty or poisonous. All technologies need time to work out their kinks, I see no reason that in vitro meat can't be healthy (same with GMO).

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