I'm thinking of giving up dairy, at least for awhile, and I guess I'd just like to hear from those who have done it--how you did it, what are some good substitutions, did it improve your health, etc..

The main reason is because I have sinus problems, along with a few other minor issues, and I want to see if cutting out dairy will help. Also, I've hit a bit of a wall with my weight loss, so giving up dairy is one of a couple of new things I want to try (along with exercising more, and cheating less).

I bought a can of coconut milk, for putting in my coffee--it tastes kind of odd to me. Not bad, just ... kind of weird. Hopefully I'll get used to it--haven't tried it in coffee yet, just opened it and took a couple of sips. I'm also gonna try making coconut butter (using this method: 10 Tips for Making the Best Coconut Butter Ever | Mark's Daily Apple) since I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Cheese has been my go-to food a lot lately because I don't have much time to cook and prepare meals (plus I just love the stuff). Hard-boiled eggs come to mind as a decent substitute (I do try to cook some things ahead of time on the weekends).

So yah, any ideas, concerns, support, etc., would be appreciated.