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Thread: Junk food pressure?

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    I used to make popcorn at home by air-popping it and saturating it with butter. The grease they put on it (euphemistically referred to as "buttery") is about as nutritious as recycled motor oil. It's as tasty as artificially flavored motor oil, too.

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    In order to deal with this, you have to just look to the future. You cannot dwell on what you did in the past because what's done is done. You just need to continually educate yourself on healthy approached to eating and find alternatives for your not so healthy snacks. Soon enough it will become second nature and you won't crave processed junk, etc. Don't be too hard on yourself. You should make room for slip ups initially as they will inevitably happen.

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    I had to change my whole thinking pattern. Kind of like this is like going vegan or vegetarian. It's a lifestyle, a new way of eating and I can no longer cheat. I did a few cheats at the beginning but the cruddier I felt the less bingeing I did.

    Paleo baking became my savior when I started craving bad foods!!!!

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