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Thread: Dodging my way to health

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    Dodging my way to health

    A new journal for a new phase in my life.
    In a nutshell - I started Primal on April 18th 2013 in an attempt to halt an aggressive gynecological cancer. This was a three pronged attack utilizing nutritional Ketosis;
    1, 1 weighed 242lbs- being overweight gives cancer a leg up, decreasing body weight as quickly as possible while remaining as nutritionally complete as possible was goal 1
    2, i am diabetic but was very poorly controlled, high blood glucose is an 'all you can eat buffet' for cancer. i attempted to control my BG using a primal variation of the Newcastle University diet ( Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre - Newcastle University ). Reducing my fasting BG, postprandial BG and HbA1c to normal levels as quickly as possible was goal 2
    3, some cancers, mine included, grow very well in normal nutrition(just like our own cells) but find it hard to obtain enough energy in a ketogenic environment whereas the bodies own cells grow just as well. Starving the mutant cells out is goal 3.

    where am i now-
    Goal 1 achieved - i have lost 100lb+ and am in my normal BMI range.
    Goal 2 achieved - fasting around 5.5. postprandial <8, HbA1c 7.5 and i now take no medication other than the occasional metformin if i eat too many carbs!
    Goal 3 ongoing - no growth at 4 months post surgery.

    what else have i achieved through this
    1) my last cholesterol test result (Monday) was excellent
    total 4.4 mmol/L (171mg/dL)
    HDL 2.0 mmol/L (80mg/dL)
    LDL 1.8 mmol/L (71mg/dL)
    Trigs 1.1 mmol/L(100mg/dL)
    Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 2.14
    HDL/LDL ratio is: 1.127
    triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 1.250
    2) i was hypertensive but blood pressure was well controlled on 3 medications. last week after feeling off colour BP was found to be low (65/55 mmHg) so I'm now off all medication and its stabilized nicely around 115/75.
    3) I used to have dreadful hard skin on my heels- this has just vanished. i have no idea why but its great to retire the foot file!.

    It was my 51st birthday yesterday. My plan for this year is to stick with nutritional ketosis, stay positive and continue to increase my fitness
    Today was went on an early morning mixed terrain hike. We started the trail just as dawn was breaking. Our dog discovered some badgers, probably on their way home. We saw 3- 1 big and 2 smaller, possibly 2 part grown cubs but I didn't have my camera only the one on my phone which showed nothing-so i am a bit miffed.
    I had a new tent off my husband for my birthday which we are trying out next weekend. Its a big, tall one,so we can stand up and spread out, very posh with a footprint, carpet and porch. We are going to the lake district and cant hardly wait

    new goals
    Goal 1 - maintain weight around this level although I might drop a few more lbs
    Goal 2 -maintain fasting BG around 5.5. postprandial <8, HbA1c 7.5
    Goal 3 ongoing - maintain nutritional ketosis although my aim now is 2
    Goal 4- increase physical fitness- more hiking, walking, PBF, i can swim from September if the exam in September remains clear and am hopeful about that.
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    When I'd had enough of the grain and starched based 'diabetic eating for health' diet (eating for health, my ass!) my weight was 242.5 lbs. On starting primal- 18th April 2013 weight : 238.1.
    27th July 2013. weight after 100 days 136.9 weight lost 101.2lb ; that's 105.6lbs since I stopped the 'diabetic eating for health'
    new journal

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