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    This is a really interesting thread. Back in 2008 or so, I stumbled on a book called the truth about beauty, which had a lot of eye opening info about grass fed, organic, and supplements. It made sense to me but being just a book(not a site), I fell off the wagon a lot and often wished for more ongoing research, resources and some way to get support. Over the years I just kept returning to that book and the ideas, knowing there had to be something to it. I don't recall what led me to this site but I read it and it seems genuine. I am doing this on my own without spouse so I am definitely not perfect. But I have learned to love and even crave veggies and I'm starting to feel that way about taking walks. In its simplest form, that just seems right to me. Cooking and grocery shopping are easier somehow. plus I never get that crazy salty sugar eating cycle anymore.

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    I heard LCHF was better for endurance running. Plus vegetarianism made me bloated, inflamed, and constantly in need of carb inhalation.

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    I was experiencing a lot of bloating, heartburn, and other digestive disturbances. A friend of mine runs a paleo website and I asked her about it and thought I'd give it a shot. It took me a while to really "go primal", but when I did, there were definitely improvements all around!
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    I didn't really have one, its been a gradual process for me.
    For instance I used to be addicted to drinking fruit juice. I'd never drink plain water and hated the taste of it. Eventually I adapted to fruit syrup then water. Decided to drop candy somewhere along the way. Then I can across paleo and the grain stuff made sense so I dropped that and the milk.

    I'm 80/20 now though, I'm not as strict as I was and sometimes consume wheat and dairy products.

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    I threw my back out and couldn't play with my kids around Feb. I was 100lb overweight. I started low carb, and stumbled into MDA and paleo sites. It made sense, so I started following the guidelines and cutting processed garbage. My back pain is gone, as is the acne I'd had my entire adult life. I'm down 50lbs, but more importantly I've found a way of eating that's sustainable vs being a diet and keeps me on the path to health. Now I'm like a primal evangelical- I have to remind myself to shut up about sustainable food and exercise.

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