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    When I forget to pre-bake (or buy) my yum, I bring it to the office (or buy it) fresh, poke it with a knife, wrap in a wet paper towel, bake and let sit for a few minutes. But I really prefer doing it in the oven, as it turns out richer after a couple of hours at low temp.
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    Often I microwave mine and then, if something else is in the oven or on the grill, I wrap the microwaved sweet potatoes in foil and have them join whatever's cooking elsewhere. They get "finished off" in heat and always have that fantastic smashiness, where the meat pulls away from the peel so easily. Plus they seem to gain more sweetness. I'm loving them with coconut oil instead of butter in the summer, they taste lighter. Love them!
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    Pretty much do this every time.
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    I microwave mine. I put it on a plate and put a bowl over it, so there is no trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adam204 View Post
    Anyone tried microwaving a sweet potato like getting a jacket potato? Good idea / bad idea?
    Just thought it could be a quick easy way of upping my carbs without a massive lunch whilst in work.
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    Nuke sweet potato on high for 5 mins while cast iron pan preheats on medium.
    Melt some Kerry Gold and fry up the par-cooked potato!
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    I recommend steaming your sweet potato every once in awhile as well. It makes it so moist inside, and it's quick too especially if you cut it into rounds or pieces. Of course, nothing beats a nice carmelization from baking one either...

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    I agree that it tastes better when baked in an oven, but the microwave works just fine. Wrap it in a wet paper towel, just as you would a regular potato. But sweet potatoes are usually bigger so you'll probably need to flip it halfway through.

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    I nuked a sweet potato just yesterday for lunch. Works great.
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    Thats an unanimous answer to my question then! Feel a bit of a numpty now for even asking ha ha nuked sweet potato for lunch tomorrow it is!

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