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Thread: are there real benefits in lifting weights slowly?

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    are there real benefits in lifting weights slowly?

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    As described here: Setting Yourself Up to Win: A Body By Science Approach | Mark's Daily Apple (and advocated by Dr Joseph Mercola too)
    Yes, the real Dirk.

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    All my lifts go real slow. Not on purpose.

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    I've done tempo and TUL.

    Frankly anything your lifting should be heavy enough to make this a nonissue. The last few reps should always be slow due to all your muscle fibers being taxed to their max.

    So anyhow....I do think taking the turnarounds slow so as not to slingshot out using ligaments and other connective tissue is a good idea. Keeps the load on the muscle (where you want it), not an overextended ligament. So don't bounce off your chest in bench, don't kip swing that pullup.... ect.

    If you slow down the turn around and you are using heavy weights believe me you don't have to worry much about it. You will be moving it slow.

    From the article:

    "By about the third repetition you will be pushing as hard and as fast as you can, but you will only be able to go fast enough to move the weight through the positive in about 7-12 second"

    For me its all about that last rep. Put in the work needed to get to this level of intensity THEN push hard as you can and reap the benefits IMO
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