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Thread: Best self-sufficiency/hunting books

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    For mushroom foraging I concur with Mike. I have a mycologist friend that teaches a field class at the local community college, I took his class and that gave me a good foundation. For books I like All that the Rain Promises and More because it's small and very thorough, but it's for the Western US so that might not be helpful for you. David Arora's Mushrooms Demystified is very good but it's too cumbersome to take on a hike.
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    For hunting maybe you could get a subscription to Outdoor Life or Field and Stream. They have a lot of good info on hunting and fishing. My dad has been reading them forever and we love them.

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    Thank you all. Btw, going to use that confit recipe from the last post in about an hour....I'd put pics up if I thought they wouldn't get moderated out
    The pics will eventually appear. they have to be approved by a moderator and that can take a while. You can also upload the pics to another site - Flickr or whatever and link to them.

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    I know that Self Reliance Illustrated has some good stuff on survival. I'm only familiar with it bc my husband owns a small company that makes survival type stuff, firestarters and whatnot. So I could start a fire pretty well but I don't know a darn thing about hunting.

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