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    Question Almond Milk

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    I've cut cows milk out for about a month now and I feel pretty good, don't really miss it at all. I was just wondering what all you Pb'ers thought about Almond Milk and does it fit in the Primal Blueprint?
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    I think the unsweetened variety is fine. Of course, making your own would be optimal, but that can be time consuming. I prefer coconut milk, although it is much richer than almond milk. You could dilute it with water though for a similar consistency.

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    Homemade tastes 1000x better than the store bought kind.

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    I prefer coconut milk, since I'm not making my own (of either) and all the almond milk I can find is loaded with sugar.

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    I use almond milk (unsweetened Almond Breeze) in breakfast/protein shakes. Where I used to use say 2 cups of water, I'll do half water and half almond milk. I don't just drink it on its own, though.

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    Doesn't Almond Breeze have soy in it? We stopped using commercial almond milk simply because it has crap in it and we haven't found one that is just almond milk and I am too lazy to make my own. I do make my own almond and walnut butters though :-)

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    I occasionally use unsweetened Almond Joy, but it does have a couple questionable ingredients: tapioca starch and soy lecithin. But, I use it so infrequently that making my own is probably not worth the hassle. I use coconut milk on a daily basis.

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    yeh i think almond breeze now has soy in it (BOOOO!!!)
    i used to drink some pacific brand that used to have no soy in it either until a few months ago. now i dont really drink any milk at all cept a lil heavy cream in my morning cuppa.
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    The one I'm drinking is called "Pure Almond" by Silk. The ingredients seem ok unless I'm missing something. Only 60 calories a cup.

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