I have a beach wedding to go to in about two months and I am sitting at around 25% body fat right now (female, 29), give or take. I definitely have the side abs and top two starting to show, and that has been with some pretty consistent Crossfit training and other moderately active lifestyle type of stuff. My diet hasn't been dialed down the past few months with a lot of weekend binges and eating at summer cookouts and whatnot. Anyway, I'm dialed in now dietwise with the exception of alcohol. I LOVE beer and have cut that out completely, basically cut out wine as well, but I'm not going to lie, I enjoy having a drink at night, or a couple of drinks on the weekend. I'm not REALLY wanting to give that up, but still wanting to be pretty lean by the end of September. So I've been having a vodka soda when I want something to drink. Has anyone on here been trying to "finish" leaning out while still consuming alcohol? Just curious of personal anecdotes.

TL;DR: Trying to lose a few more %'s bodyfat with diet dialed in, except having a drink or two fairly consistently. (I'm 29, trying to enjoy life to the fullest after all...)