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Thread: How much do you eat?

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    How much do you eat?

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    I'm Nick, new here. I'm just wondering how much you guys eat?

    I have never been fully primal. But for a few months I was eating a lot MORE primal, i.e. just eating eggs for breakfast, preparing lunches with just meat and vegetables, etc. I wouldn't stick to it religiously, but compared to my previous diet, it was a big shift towards "primal". And I noticed that I was eating ALL THE TIME. Like I would eat a big plate of lamb and cabbage and carrots, and then in 1 hour I'd be starving again. Like all of a sudden, serious hunger would hit me.

    I was not working out at the time, but started working out soon after. Lots of discussions with people at the gym made me think that I needed to get more carbs in my diet, especially after workouts, so I went back to eating grians. I avoid processed junk mostly, but I was definitely not eating primal. Chicken, rice, veggies, instead of just chicken and veggies. When I was eating this way, I felt like I ate more "normally", as in, I would eat a meal and not immediately be hungry later.

    But I have noticed that I'm putting on some fat, and often feel tired after eating carbs. So I'm back to eating "more" primal again.

    Today I woke up and ate a 4-egg omlette with onions, feta, and jalapeno, with some black iced coffee.

    Then I cooked lamb with carrots, onions and broccoli in a chicken stock. Ate that for lunch. THen I just ate leftovers for dinner again. And I'm starving again.

    People always comment on how much I eat, at work, at dinner parties, whatever. People are just always floored by the amount of food I put away. So I'm definitely not eating like a bird.

    And I'm not a nutritionist, but I think lamb, carrots, onion and broccoli is pretty healthy and should be giving me a pretty good balance of nutrients, even some carbs in there from the sugars in the carrots/onions. But for some reason, I just can't stop beasting...

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    Not sure of your workout regime. But eyeballing it I think you just need to eat more in general. I'm a 5'0 overweight female and I can pack away your day of eats: 4 eggs w/ feta, onion, etc; lamb with cabbage, carrots, etc; and the same thing for dinner and probably have room for a little more.

    Don't worry too much about good carbs/bad carbs. For breakfast, I suggest you cook your eggs in butter or oil and add a serving of meat. If you plan on working out that day, you can add a sweet potato.. or half. However much you can eat. A piece of fruit wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    For lunch don't cook your veggies in chicken stock. Cook your veggies in a primal fat or add a tablespoon or so of grass fed butter onto your lamb and veggies. Maybe add a small serving of rice or a starch if needed. Also take into account your portion of meat. You may need to replace some low calorie cabbage and make room for higher calorie meat for an extra portion if you find yourself hungry.

    For dinner, same thing. Tweak your meat/fat/carb portions.

    Don't be afraid of including starchy veggies in your diet on a regular basis. 1/2-1 potato on workout days won't hinder your progress. Also try incorporating more fruit into your diet and observe if it makes a difference.

    You need to realize that you don't NEED to go 5-8 hours+ without feeling hungry. It's possible your body just works better with more frequent meals. So when you figure out how much you really need and what carb count you feel comfortable on, figure out your meal timing.

    I hope this helps

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    If you're satisfied with how you look and feel don't worry about it. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days but healthy humans reconcile their energy demands like any other animal. That said, urgent hunger tends to fade as nutrition improves. "Primal" and "carb" are not antonyms. Many folks find weights/sprints and VLC to be a poor combo so don't fear the nongrain carbs if you need them. Just be aware of and resist the gravity of the ~450g/day the US produces and markets per capita.

    My basic template is to plan a solid dinner with a half-pound of meat, half-pound of starch, and piles of other vegetables or soup. Dessert is fruit with a "pleasure fat" like 1 oz. coconut butter or chocolate or 2 oz. cheese or whipped cream. On a lazy day this is all I eat. On an active day I'll add a ~2pm appetizer that is often sushi or a big chef/cobb/taco-style salad, and maybe another fruit. I have no appetite before 2pm. Spontaneous snack offers are easy to deflect because I already know dinner will be awesome.

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    I had this problem, too. I ate liver to fix it! Apparently I was B-vitamin depleted. Took about six weeks of eating a pound or two of liver every week and then *poof* my life-long bottomless hunger subsided.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I eat a ton. A ton I tell you. A 1/2 pound to 1 pound of protein at lunch and then another 3/4 - 1 pound of meat at dinner. Along with veggies galore. However, this evening I may have overdone it because right now, I am feeling just a tad nauseous! LOL!

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    I eat a metric crapton. Everyone who knows me says I eat more than anyone they know. And I'm really lean.

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    Eat when you're hungry and eat the primal diet. It will balance out in a few weeks.

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    Different people have different satiation mechanisms. You might need starch/fibre on its own or in combination with protein and/or fat to feel full. You might need volume. From what you have written, it is starch. A potato hack can actually pick people with satiation mechanism very easily. If you eat <1 lb of plain, boiled potatoes a day, without experiencing hunger, starch is your primary. If you can eat a few tbsp of pure fat a day and feel the same (i.e. fat fast) - than that's your primary. If it's a combination, for fat loss, it's either fat-protein or starch-protein. Very few people can manage on green veggies and lean proteins (rabbit starvation). Try dialing down fat and increasing starch (from non-grain sources, aka white potato), while keeping protein constant. Or do the potato hack to test yourself out.
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    Lots of people get really hungry at first. Some people think it's actually the gut bacteria screaming FEED US!
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    I just started Primal 2 weeks ago. I wasn't eating AWFUL before, but I did have some adjustments I should make (sugars, grains, etc).

    Anyway, I was STARVING the first few days. I mean seriously ravenous. I would eat a "big ass salad" for lunch and be craving meat within 2-3 hours. I got some advice on here that pretty much said "eat eat eat" and "if you're craving meat, then eat more meat!". From what I gathered, during those beginning stages when your body is adjusting, it's probably screaming at you from the inside wanting to know what is up. So feed it. I felt better after a few days.

    As a side note, because I didn't eat god-awful before, I haven't dropped any weight yet. I was really hoping it would "melt off" like Mark says. I guess you have to go from eating craptastic to eating PB for it to happen like that. I'm doing it to get healthier overall, but part of that is losing weight.

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