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    Shop Now

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    Quest protein bars

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    I second the Epic bars. A little on the pricey side, but a good taste, and can be used as a meal in a pinch.
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    Chicken Breast? LOL....

    I don't really like bars.. But... Here are some - they may have added sugars, look before you buy!

    The Good On Ya Bar: Organic Energy Bars from GoodOnYa

    Rise Bars: Energy Bars with Blended Fruit & Nuts for Fuel Between Meals - Rise

    Core Warrior Meal Bar: CORE Foods — CORE Warrior Meal

    Square Bars: Products | Squarebar

    Vega Sport: Vega Sport - Protein Bar

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    I love Larabars, but they're TINY. I can never really just eat one. My favorite flavor by far is Coconut Cream. It tastes indulgent.

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    I've never been a big fan of any "health" bars even before primal because they were always so small and had so many calories. I figured I might as well just eat candy and not kid myself that they were any good for me. Oh, and the "health" bars were always much more expensive than candy.

    Sooo... since I hear about Larabars here a lot, I thought I'd check it out. Each bar has about 220 calories (the lemon ones, anyway) for 1.8 oz. I think that's a lot.

    Price wise on Amazon (and I don't know if they're more or less on Amazon than in the store), they work out to about $11.11 per pound.

    Since I can get grass fed ground beef for $7.99/lb and grass fed ground lamb for $9.99/lb, I think I'd rather eat the meat.

    As a note, they do have 6 grams of protein, but so does an egg, which even if you're buying pampered chicken eggs for $6/dozen only comes to 50cents. And they have 28 gms of carbs, which an egg won't have.

    LARABAR Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Lemon Bar, 1.8 Ounce Bars (Pack of 16): Grocery & Gourmet Food
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    Larabar just came out with a new "protein bar", called ALT. Haven't tried it yet, but I do find a larabar every now and then makes a great snack. Also, KIND bars are good. I like the dark chocolate sea salt one. It has peanuts, but I've added them back in to my diet after experimenting and not finding any difficulty digesting them.

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    I consider homemade "Larabars" to be an emergency snack for times when there's no safe gluten-free food expected to be available, as when traveling long distances.

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