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Thread: Need Type 2 Diabetes Primal Help!

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    @ Laz, That is a rant I can completely support.

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    You're mistaking people who're doing drug research that support conventional paradigms with those who're doing research for research's sake. The latter needs financial support and none of the granting organizations will lend financial support for randomized, double-blind trials, unless they feel the strong need to do so. And organizations like the NIH are strongly dominated by the conventional paradigm. They will not finance trials of alternative cancer therapies nor would they support trials of CVD risks based on factors other than what's in vogue right now.

    Other than that, those who conduct research are the Big Pharma companies with profitability as their sole motive. If they think a patentable drug can result and they can go past the FDA's phase trials, they'll finance the research. But it's only for a small subset of patentable compounds, not for off-label compounds or some new fangled therapy that do not require prescriptions drugs. You're confusing those who do research supported by grant organizations or drug companies with those who actually seek to find cures, whether they're drug-dependent or not. Those people need money but will not be funded. That's why alternative medicine is gaining such momentum. And the downside of this movement toward "functional medicine" and homeopathy is the quacks and scam artists that come out of the woodwork, as desperate patients are easy to influence and seduce.

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    Because I live nearby one of the largest medical research facilityes in the country....and I know of many people, dozens of them, that spend their entire lives trying to find REAL solutions to these ailments. They don't have websites, most will never get an ounce of credit, and not all of them are doctors at all. Many are just people with a lot of passion, patients or researches alike, that have given their time to studying these diseases. For me, all attention given to "dudes with websites" is attention taken away from those that are actually working to find verifiable therapies.
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