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    agree.had the same issues. Practice and wear them in... Soon they'll slip on effortlessly

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    I've been wearing these Merrells for about a month (bought from and I like them a lot.

    Merrell Barefoot Vapor Glove


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    I have a high instep and bought the KSOs. Unfortunately, getting the shoes on is a bear even after 3 months. I love wearing them around, but I'll probably be looking at a different fivefingers model for my next pair that has more room around the ankle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbound View Post
    My toes wouldn't go in the VFF's all the way in since I have a fairly steep angle from big toe to pinky toe (pinky toe just barely made it in), so the fit was very tight on the big toe (just to accommodate the rest of my toes) which became painful over time. I bought the Merrell Trail Gloves and haven't looked back. If your feet continue to hurt, I would give the Trail Gloves a shot.
    Sorry, I meant the Barefoot Vapor Glove, silly me.

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