Due to a couple of hip injuries that seem to only be getting worse, I'm giving up on active recovery and the whole guessing game on which exercises I can do to aid recovery without further injury. Instead, I'm just going to stop squats, stretching, hip mobility...all of it for a few months a see where I'm at. Obviously, my muscle will be weaker and tighter, priming myself for a second injury, so I plan to ease into it very slowly when the time comes.

In the meantime, I have found I can't do anything that requires significant hip flexion without pain. Obviously my favorite, weighted squats, are out. But I've tried squats with an empty barbell and it's still enough of a load to hurt. Pistols hurt. Lunges hurt. I know from merely walking that I dare not try sprinting or even jogging. Bodyweight squats are okay, so long as I don't go past parallel. So my question is if deadlifts work the quads enough to make me believe I will maintain some strength there. I was thinking that since deadlifts don't hurt and I do them anyway, I could superset them with bodyweight squats. The BW squats would deliver the benefits of squatting outside of pure strength. But I want to maintain my raw strength as much as possible. So, is my deadlifts good enough, or is there something better?

BTW, leg extensions crossed my mind, but this requires a machine. I have free weights at home and don't have a gym membership, and it would be hard to justify any money spent just for leg extensions.