I'd like some opinions on this. I'm sixteen, 5'3, female, 115 pounds, and around 22% body fat. For pretty much my entire life I have felt like crap. I feel sluggish, tired, weak, and lethargic. Often, I also feel disoriented and unable to concentrate because of this. Headaches are common, especially in bright areas. The best I can describe it is perpetually feeling like I haven't slept for a day and just spent a week in the hospital. The only times I don't feel like this are in the morning and during workouts that give me adrenaline rushes. I also can't eat large meals without getting stomachaches, and I'm bloated a lot. I'm currently vegan, and I have been for two years. Before that, I was an omnivore for two years, but I was also anorexic at this time, so I also felt wretched then. (Switching to being vegan somehow helped me work my way out of that.) I was vegetarian for six years before that as well, but I don't remember that time well. (None of this for moral reasons--I just thought it was healthier.)

I get eight to nine hours of sleep every day, take three multivitamins a day with pretty much everything, and eat somewhere around 70 grams of protein per day. I also drink plenty of water. I hardly eat any grains or sugar, and I haven't touched artificial sweeteners for at least a year. Right now, my diet is pretty much vegetables, fruit, seeds, tempeh, olive oil, soy milk, and protein powder. I do yoga every other day (used to do more), about 20 push-ups every few days, and I've recently started sprint training outside in my new vibrams. I have no physical health conditions, and no mental besides mild panic disorder and some social anxiety, both of which get worse when I feel worse. According to many people, I should feel absolutely fantastic on most days.

But I don't, I feel horrible. My father says I'm overreacting, that everyone feels this tired, but I really doubt that. If humans feel like how I do, how the heck did we survive this long? I don't want to be in college working toward a phD and have to re-read the same page over and over again because I can't concentrate on the information. I don't want to feel like falling over and not getting up. Granted, I'd also like to look better, but I really wouldn't care if I looked the same or even worse if I just felt healthy.

A few days ago, I was pretty sold on going Primal, but after I told my father, he started to make me doubt this (kind of weird, since he had great results on a diet similar to this when he was in his thirties). He thinks I'm rushing into it and that nothing's wrong with me, and being vegan is the healthiest I can be. Will going Primal really help me feel healthy? I really want something to work. I don't remember the last time I felt at my 100% for more than an hour. Some days I can honestly say I don't even feel human.