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Thread: Restarting, Hellos and Birth Control Q

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    Restarting, Hellos and Birth Control Q

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    Hello! I am starting a small weight loss challenge and going primal beginning tomorrow. I am very excited about it, although I do have a few reservations. A few months ago, I went primal for about two weeks. I had a day where I was terribly depressed- I cried and could not get out of bed. I am not a depressed person at all, so it was bewildering. The only thing I could think of to blame was going primal cold turkey and being on an experimental birth control pill. I went back to normal (unhealthy) eating, and now I feel balanced enough to give it a shot.

    I wonder if anyone else has gone primal while on any kind of hormonal regulating medication? Did cutting carbs do the same for you?
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    Weight loss can affect your hormonal balance, as can drastically cutting carbs. If you're eating plenty of grains now, start subbing them out for potatoes, rice, and starchy vegetables. Eat some fruit. Take it easy and you'll likely not experience such a dip again. I was on a birth control pill when I went primal and did not have any mood fluctuations like that, but I was also on anti-depressants at the time too.
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