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    Thanks! Ya, I've likely been overtrained for well over 5 years... Haven't had a period in 6 and I'm only 33! Time for change and a return to the pleasure of it all! Today I rested... Built a cradle for my rowing shell and spent time being social with my family!

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    If you are running try to incorporate some kind of interval training so that the workout is less cardio.
    For example, run a 400 quckly and then walk a 400 and repeat.
    Back in the day when I was serious runner, I had no desire to do any additional cardio after a mere 8 400m sprints-not even all out sprints, I think I was knocking them out at 1:07 to 1:15 Knock em down to 200m if the 400m isn't your bag.
    Do it and watch you one mile time decrease.

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