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Thread: Does anyone have any experience with food combining?

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    Question Does anyone have any experience with food combining?

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    My trainer at the gym told me to combine meat and vegetables together or starches and vegetables together but never meat with a starch (I realize the last is a given here). He also told me to not eat cheese. Just wondering if there was any science behind this? Thanks!

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    I think there is some validity to it. Personally I always feel better when I eat as little variety as possible at a given time. I do think that starch and meat don't go too well together.
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    Smorgasbords are so tempting, but I hate them and avoid them. I don't know the nutritional science but I know that if I get involved with ingesting too many things at once I end up feeling pretty low.

    As for starch and meat--can't say a thing except that meat and potatoes is the American guy's standard. If not that then it is spaghetti and meatballs. Maybe dimsum. Or perhaps, a ham sandwich, even sashimi sushi qualifies as meat and starch in my book. I'm not arguing for --or against---But those combinations seem to be sort of universal.

    Those where the starch is from grains, well, for me that is a different story than when the starch is a tuber. But then, I'm still learning too.

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    I am not an expert, but i did read up on food combining, and it has to do with the digestion requirements of the different foods. Meats need an acid environment to be digested, while starches need an alkaline ( i think...) if you eat them together, it create a horrible gassy fermenting mess inside you. This law also says that fruit should be eaten alone and away from other meals due how quickly it digests.

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