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Thread: gluten intolerance symptoms

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    gluten intolerance symptoms

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    I came to realize that the gluten intolerance symptoms are on ascent in nations like USA, yet i have never seen any of the TV programmes indicating about this issue.Stations like TLC and so on frequently broadcast programmes identified with nourishment which are mostly made up of wheat/maida flour. So I am truly confounded about the vicinity of this issue..

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    A lot of people are in denial, which includes television executives and producers. There is also a lot of misinformation out there which tells people that it is rare and mostly overdiagnosed. And since advertisers mostly are trying to promote eating of junk foods and fast foods that are based on gluten grains, there is little impetus for executives to rock the boat and create a show that a lot of the uninformed or misinformed public may not be demanding.

    And it's not treatable with wonder drugs, so the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in sponsoring shows like this. And the treatment is just not glamorous. Most people don't even want to think about that.

    I am seeing more media articles, and think it will reach a threshold level soon. Compared with many of the diseases and conditions they profile, it is very common.
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    When I hear people talk about gluten free diets they act like it's some fad. I'm hopeful the truth will be made more mainstream very soon.

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