I'm new to the forum and would really appreciate some assistance.

I was raised vegetarian and have recently been vegan (raw on and off for 1 year) for 18 months.

I have found that I've been feeling worse and worse over this period of time with regard to my adrenal fatigue, my energy and my anxiety levels. This seems to be due to copper toxicity and is related to a genetic condition called Pyroluria. After 37 years of struggling this is a massive relief! I'm due to see a nutritionist sometime in the next month or so but until then I've taken steps independently to feel better.

I'm an ethical vegan so things are tough but I believe that living a Primal life will do wonders.

In April I added bee pollen to my diet which meant I could then stop spending 2 out of 7 days in bed. I've also added local free range eggs (not gm fed) and feel ' ok' about this ethically. It took three months of cravings to choose to do this.

I've also been craving oily fish and prawns so have added them this week. So far so good. I don't feel overjoyed by all of this but my priority is being well again.

I would love to have the energy to exercise as with adrenal issues I easily burn myself out for weeks at a time. The Pyroluria supplements I take are making a difference but I need to up the zinc.

My question is...what go you think? Is an ovo-pescetarian primal diet a healthy one?

Also our son is fourand has been vegetarian since birth, by choice. He self restricts quite a lot and refuses new foods. I'm quite worried as his pyroluria has meant his growth has slowed right down in the past 18 months approximately. Zinc deficiency will make children picky so it makes sense.

I need to heal his gut so want to add probiotics etc to his diet. He's gluten free but not grain free, as are we. He has so far started eating eggs in GF pancakes and has had one mouthful of paleo fish finger. How do I do this? Go cold turkey and hope he gives in or try to heal his gut and up his zinc first? Bearing in mind most vegetarian foods are high in copper and low in zinc.

Any suggestions?