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Thread: Friday fun. Who are your 5 top favourite........

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    And did I mention, Atmosphere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post

    How did you get into him? My dad is a fan, and brainwashed me with him from the moment of my birth. I used to sing "THere aint no cure for love" for him and his friends, which they found endlessly amusing coming from a six yo
    My BFF loves him, so I listened some of his songs and understood immediately why
    I must admit that I don't like Hallelujah in Cohen's interpretation but love Rufus Wainwright's one Same with Chelsea hotel.

    The concert was amazing! We have very good seat, better than people who pay twice as much, so we saw everything clearly. Nice evening it was
    Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost. - Neil Gaiman

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    Mine keep changing. Current most played are:

    1) Linkin Park
    2) 30 Seconds to Mars
    3) My Chemical Romance
    4) Green Day

    I don't know who to elevate to 5th place today. The Saints? Metallica? Deep Purple? Led Zep? Arlo Guthrie? Eric Bogle? P!nk? Garbage? Fort Minor? or maybe admit that the Transformers film soundtracks get played a lot 'cause they are like a perfectly suited mix tape. Maybe the real answer is:

    5) Anything I used to like but haven't heard in ages (John Denver period excluded).

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