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Thread: Fasting...Anxiety

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    I am a veteran faster (2+ years), so I will give you my tips:

    1) Make the last meal of the day high in fat. This will stay with you longer and give you something to burn off the following day while fasting. I have found this to be the ultimate hack. Make the last meal some fish, cottage cheese, and a piece of avocado. Doing this I can do a 4 hour eating window comfortably.
    2) Make an electrolyte/BCAA drink. My formula is to take orange Xtend (BCAA), lemon juice, salt to taste into water and keep it in the fridge at work. I have done 48 hours using this without much muscle loss, makes you feel better too.

    Hope this helps.

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    Does this mean if you have dinner at 6pm, you start feeling anxious if you don't eat until after 10am the next day? (Essentially skipping the traditional 'breakfast time'.) That's how I would count 14 hours.

    Or if you eat at 6pm, wake up at 6am, and don't eat until after 8pm that night (14 'waking' hours of fasting)?

    Or something else entirely?

    Because 14 hours of fasting does not seem that long to me, and it makes me wonder if you are fat-adapted, or still carbohydrate dependent.

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    What are zeolites?

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