Ok folks, here is a poser for you - i guess i am just after reassurance....

I have been Primal for about 5 weeks now, but 2 weddings in between caused some damage! (not mine I hasten to add!)

The first 2 weeks i saw an 8lbs loss, lovely! But since then i have seen my weight kreeping back up. Usually this would cause concern, but i can SEE my belly is reducing and body composition is improving, so i am wondering if it is muscle mass i am putting on? My excercise regime is this:

Mon, Weds, Fri lifting weights and core strength exercises (40min sessions - Stronglifts)
TUes + Thurs 1 hour indoor hockey
Just signed up to a new rugby club, so that is training thurs eve and games on Saturday.

Mon - Fri I have a 3 mile round trip to the train station.