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Thread: It Takes A Village - One couple's journey into the Paleo lifestyle

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    Red face It Takes A Village - One couple's journey into the Paleo lifestyle


    Me make fire, hunt for meat *grunt* forage for yummy berries, oog...

    But first, a little about us:

    Name: Jenny
    Age: 26
    Height/Weight: 5'4, 118-120lbs
    Likes: Reading, Art, Walking, Yoga, Camping, Cycling, Chocolate, Small-town living
    Dislikes: Running, Stress, Mexican food, The new Batman movies
    Strengths: Committed, Strong-willed, Energetic, Positive
    Weaknesses: Completely addicted to sugar, loves to feed people delicious, but unhealthy baking, Has trouble saying "no".
    Reason for becoming Paleo: To break my sugar addiction, to stop relying on wheat as a main food group and to be healthier.

    Name: Remi
    Age: 29
    Height/Weight: 5'10, 280lbs.
    Likes: Walking, Cycling, Hockey, Being a Computer Tech, Board games, His wife's cooking, Chips and all salty/starchy food.
    Dislikes: Most seafood, Lamb, Musicals, Viruses
    Strengths: Real desire to be healthy, Perseverance, Easy-going,
    Weaknesses: Poutine, Get-up and go, Procrastination, Loves his wife's cooking
    Reason for becoming Paleo: To lose weight, to become healthy and bring blood sugar levels, and heart pressure down. To have more energy.

    Name: Ella
    Age: 2
    Height/Weight: 2ft(ish)/28(ish)lbs.
    Likes: Putting stuff in her mouth, Teasing her cousins, Jumping on daddy when he's napping, Milk, Most pureed food.
    Dislikes: Green beans, Bedtimes, Being put on the naughty chair, Coming inside.
    Strengths: Endless energy, Constant amazement, The ability to run into a wall and 'shake it off', Throwing balls at people's heads and/or groins
    Weaknesses: Going to bed calmly, Eating what's for dinner, Sharing, Not colouring on the couch with a stolen pen.
    Reason for becoming Paleo: Mum and Dad said so.

    We've been married 5 years, and look forward to changing our lives for the better and really hope that the Paleo lifestyle is the way t do it.

    ~ Jen,Remi & Ella
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