A little over a week ago, I discovered this website and began reading The Primal Connection. I'd been gluten free off and on for the past couple of years but only recently did I discover how bad it is for me to eat corn. I thought it was okay for me to eat corn tortilla chips and popcorn. I realized recently that it isn't okay; my stomach blew up like a balloon. Looked like I was approaching my 2nd trimester. And I've always made it a point to be fit.

I spent the better part of this past year living in California due to work after being in the midwest for 9 years. I noticed that despite the traffic and parking nightmares in CA, people seemed happier and more importantly to me, thinner. And now, after reading Mark's initial email lessons, it's dawning on me why. I'd dismissed Californians as far-left, hippies. And yes, some of them are but they're definitely on to something. They hike, they bike, they shop organic at farmer's markets and they get sunlight. Sound familiar?

In May, I returned to the midwest. As I drove east along what used to be Route 66, I noticed that people's waistlines got bigger the further I got inland. Sad but true. By the time I got to Oklahoma and Missouri, it was glaringly obvious: These folks aren't as healthy as the folks in Cali. Yes, I'm generalizing. I know. But I call it like I see it. And a lot of it deals with eating and movement.

So last weekend I went to the farmer's market here in St. Louis. Instead of running so much anymore, I'm walking and biking at a slower pace. I'm trying to get more sleep. I've even taken a meditation class. So far so good.

Now on to the title of my post. Thanks for reading thus far. I saw a short film last night about the "3 Day Rule". Plot: A girl drives herself crazy waiting for a guy to call after giving him her phone number. On day one, she's staring at the phone and checking it relentlessly. Day two, she's consulting with all of her friends about "why he isn't calling." And by day three, she's completely stressed out and in an alcoholic stupor. Too wasted to hear the phone ringing when the guy does finally call on day three.

It was a cute film and it got me thinking. My male friend confirmed that it's routine for guys to wait until three days after getting the phone number to actually call the girl. Hmm. I doubt our primal ancestors would have behaved this way. Would a primal male wait 3 days before pursuing a female he was attracted to? I seriously doubt it. I think back then it was simpler. You see, you like, you pursue. Besides, if you wait 3 days, that female may have found another mate and then you've missed out. I realized that my male friends who are waiting to call are getting themselves into a mentally contrived state unnecessarily. They worry about looking desperate if they call too soon, looking like a loser, making her think he's in demand...Nonsense I say. Waiting so long isn't primal behavior and as Mark said in his book, this sort of self-talk is sabotaging.

Last week I went into an Old Navy store that I don't normally frequent. The manager was gorgeous. I wanted to speak to him. But instead, I internally self-talked my way out of it (e.g. He won't be interested in me because I'm older, etc.) Today, I'm kicking myself and here comes the self dialogue. Should I go out of my way to visit that particular Old Navy again? Could-a, should-a, would-a. All this angst could have been avoided had I behaved in a more primal manner. You see, you like, you pursue. Even if he'd flat-out rejected me, I wouldn't have doubts lingering for days.

I guess the point of this diatribe is this: my goal is to not only be primal when it comes to diet but also when it comes to action.

Now back to SharkNado. There are only a few minutes left.